fraternite bandeau haut 2    

Father, may they be one,
so that the world may believe.

1 John 4:16

     selection frat 16

The Fraternity of Mary, Immaculate Queen

The Fraternity of Mary, Immaculate Queen, is at the heart of the Family of Messengers. It brings together priests and lay-people, men and women, committed to celibacy for the Kingdom.

Fraternity members strive to live the Gospel life, centred on the Eucharist, in community, uniting the offering of their lives to that of Mary. They ask her to help them live of her deep and whole-hearted unity with Christ, in love, to "make charity visible." In a spirit of adoration and reparation for the world, they wish to give to God, together, the loving response he expects from his children.

Encouraging each other each day to conversion of heart and to mercy, priests and lay-people, men and women, wish to live out the Lord’s new commandment: "Love one another as I have loved you." They seek to witness to our world that the love of the Trinity, springing forth from the Heart of Christ, can obtain, from now onwards, fruits of reconciliation and unity.



The daily life of Fraternity members, simple and family-like, is centred around prayer, work, and shared meals. Their houses are open to all those who desire a time of renewal at the school of Mary. Specific moments of teaching and retreats occur throughout the year.

Besides, the Fraternity looks after the Family of Messengers and ensures its development, particularly through the Visitations it organizes.

It also invites the faithful to respond to Christ's call to "take Mary home," by enthroning her as the Queen of their home.

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