Clémence Ledoux


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Clemence Ledoux was born in Halluin, in north-east France, in 1888. From a working background, she was a religious for several years, before leaving religious life and moving to Paris, and then to Bois le Roi, near Fontainebleau.

There she led an ordinary life, steeped in care for her neighbour, with a great zeal for making Mary, Queen of the Universe, known and loved. Many people, upon meeting her, rediscovered a desire to lead the Christian life and to welcome Mary as their Mother and Queen.

The Family of Messengers of Mary, Immaculate Queen, was born of the fervour of the latter years of Clémence Ledoux’s life in Bois le Roi. She did not see the birth of the Fraternity, but bequeathed to it her great trust in God’s grace and her love for Mary.