Hymns of the Fraternity

Allow yourself to be touched by God who is near
Let the presence of his love reach your soul
Let yourself be filled with the joy of God who shows himself to us,
who created us and will never leave us again
then you will sing."

Cardinal Ratzinger, homily for the Feast of St Cecilia


Singing, which expresses praise that flows from the heart, holds an important place in the liturgy of the Fraternity. Influenced by the Byzantine tradition, and notably the abbeys of Lérins and Chevetogne, the hymns of the Fraternity seek to be, in their simplicity and sobriety, entirely at the service of the Word of God and the contemplation of his Mystery.


Audio samples from the CD of hymns "You make all things new":

You make all things new:
Hail, Queen of heaven:
Worship the Lord, Jerusalem: